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Enjoy the comfort of a Vonlane motor coach

This is not your normal charter bus. Vonlane's custom-configured coaches contain only 22 first-class seats versus the 56 seats of a same-size charter bus. Vonlane coaches are designed for comfort and personal space.


Passengers enjoy extended leg-room and deep recline while relaxing in plush leather. Our on-board service makes you feel like you're on a private jet, and lets you make the most of your valuable time compared to your peers traveling with one of those cattle-call airlines.

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Amenities include

  • On-board attendant and galley

  • First-class seating with ample legroom

  • Complimentary refreshments

  • Complimentary snacks & meals (select "meal" trips only)

  • Closet for our attendant to hang your coat or jacket

  • Complimentary noise canceling headsets

  • Free Wi-Fi (no streaming audio or video)

  • Satellite television and Radio

  • 110v electrical outlets throughout

  • No middle seats

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 NON-STOP   |   $103

 NON-STOP   |   $103

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From the moment you board to your arrival, we do everything in our power to make you as comfortable and relaxed as possible.  That's why when you take a trip on our luxury double-decker buses, you're offered first-class amenities.


Amenities include


  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Personal Power Outlets

  • Reserved Seating

  • 3 Point Seatbelts

  • Bathroom



Prices range from $10 to $56 Roundtrip


Bus may make stops but there are 0 Transfers


Travel time ranges between 2h 40mins to 3h 15 mins depending on departure time and number of stops


Sample Routes/One-Way Rates between Houston & Dallas















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